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QUP – Queen Unplugged Project – is a Hungarian band of four that plays special, stripped-down, acoustic versions of Queen’s songs. They started as a “campfire band” back in 2004, but against all expectations they experienced quick success in a very short period of time. As invitations started to roll in, they have become internationally known, visiting several European countries since 2006 and eventually appearing at the UK Queen Convention in 2008.

This is the most unique, and definitely the most affordable Queen show you will ever get: four guys, three instruments, Queen songs in their bare natural form, some tucked into medleys – the perfect combination for an evening to remember. An unforgettable night with Queen!

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Queen Unplugged Project

Queen Unplugged Project in Holland

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  1. Damian says:

    These guys were absolutely fabulous in Holland 2 years ago. We expected the Barcelona project to be much better, but QUP actually stoled the show. Just amazing! We are expecting them back!

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