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Please help us to deliver this message to as many Queen tribute bands as you can (an not only queen tribute bands).
Yesterday a lot of Queen tribute bands were contacted by an individual called Jake Brown from “Versailles Records”, Nashville,  USA.
This guy asks bands (especially tribute bands) for an amount of money , promising them to publish their recordings on a CD. He presented us his big project, called WE WILL ROCK YOU, a CD tribute to Queen with songs to be played by various Queen tribute bands. He also said that Brian May also has some tracks there. He promises 5 copies of the CD to each tribute band. At the end, he does nothing of the sort, taking your money away.
If you look closely, the “record label”‘s site is anything but professionally made, the Youtube channel is a mess, and his CDs are nowhere to be found.
The Internet is full of testimonies of various bands being ripped off by him.
Please beware of this individual, and share this with as many bands as you can!
All the best!

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  1. Yes, this guy contacted me too! Wanted me to send him tracks and money.

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