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The Bohemian Rhapsody, as you can tell from the name , are one of the Queen Tribute Band ‘s official fan club recognized by both the Italian , both the International Queen , in fact it is no coincidence that their name appears on the official website of Brian May .

Its members have offered their talents and their passion for music, and in particular for the unmistakable sound of Queen, in order to better communicate the immortality of a band that in forty years has revolutionized the way thinking about music .

The specific aim of these guys is to convey what it means to them the word Queen , not surprisingly chose the Freddie .

Queen mean royalty. Under the common vision the king is the one who commands , who has the power , instead of the real meaning of this word is another : service …
Freddie has made available to all the fans , his voice and his talent coming to the heart and beyond.

You do not become immortal without making important what you did in life. And he pulled it off . It is not easy today to understand all this , the concept of music has definitely changed , but it does not mean that no there should be no one able to change direction. In fact, in the winter of 2005, two boys begin to think big , start to realize that maybe their lives could change , giving himself a higher purpose . This project starts from Fabrizio Vassallo (vocals) and Marco Alagna ( guitarist). Both immediately begin the search for the remaining members of the band , they should have the right as a prerequisite to their same passion for the music of the legendary Queen .

So are hired at the suggestion of Fabrizio , bassist Andrea Floreno , keyboardist and drummer Vito Gervasi Joseph Oddo . At this point we can say that the band was finally complete and you can begin the real work is just , that is to recreate , in the rehearsal room , the sound of Queen.

They decided to focus on some of the most famous songs of the group and the first element of inspiration was , not surprisingly , the Live at the Wembley Stadium of Magic Tour ’86 , a concert hailed by critics as one of the most successful of the Queen , ie the peak of their musical career. Others, in addition to Wembley , were the starting elements , in fact, we are dealing with a discography unquestionably wide and polychrome , which has intensified their work , and that led them to sum ​​up, a ladder , a sense of their commitment . After nine months of searching for the right sound and cohesion between all the components, the Bohemian feel ready for ” limestone ” the scene with grit and determination in the conviction that , in spite of the many difficulties which will have to meet , is this really what they want.

The exhibitions in 2006/ 07 are many and the band has the ability to bring out their talents both in pubs and outdoors , taking part in many events , receiving , as well as the favor of an audience ready to follow them during the various performances .

The two-year activities give the opportunity for the musicians to grow, to improve the relationship with the stage and the audience , the Bohemian Rhapsody, have fun, have fun , but also face the music seriously and spirit of sacrifice.

After the first two years of operation, the guitarist Marco Alagna and drummer Vito Oddo left the band , dedicating himself to other projects. This is the first turning point of the band, for which it becomes necessary to search for new components. They then contacted the guitarist and drummer Carlo Mattia Argentino La Pica . As natural as it is, these two new personalities , they bring new life to the band, and it is this change that will allow them to open up to new solutions. Immediately begin the tests, and with fast-paced pieces are re- arranged with the aim of being able to get the same results that the Bohemian had reached in the past, and obviously with the hope of being able to grow and improve.
The band started its season of concerts by turning the whole of Sicily , but in September 2010, Peter Venza takes the place of guitarist Matthias Argentino. This has brought back the Bohemian to try and regain the spirit of previous work with different, more mature and aware of their talent.

In conclusion I would say that our kids have a lot of way to go yet, but I’m sure you will be able to fly higher and higher as they sing with the spirit, singing with passion and conviction . They are simple guys that despite the commitments and priorities of daily life can at any time to trim a little ‘space to feed this passion.

You have to remember that you only get to the top from the bottom , the mountains are not easy to climb , we must gird up well before starting to rise. This succeeds best when next you have people that when you look into their eyes see the same flame that shines in your . I also believe that to move towards a goal with someone , it means to laugh at the victories and the defeats suffer together, without assigning merit or guilt to no one in particular, but everyone unanimously accept them .

In a world where everything is frivolity and materialism we learn to observe if there are people able to excite and that bring us back to the true meaning of things. It’s all about the passion and the way in which it is expressed , regardless of whether the music or any other art form. When an emotion comes from the heart can not reach the soul .

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Bohemian Rhapsody - Italian Queen Tribute

Bohemian Rhapsody – Italian Queen Tribute

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