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A new generation of a Queen Tribute act has been formed in Wales by the up and coming Innuendo. Innuendo formed in August 2011 when Welsh Progressive Metal Keyboardist Greg Baker of Lost In Thought embarked on a quest to find other musicians to perform and pay tribute to one of the most influential and greatest bands of all time, Queen. Linking with Lost In Thought band mate and progressive bassist Simon Pike, long time friend and session drummer Ben Hale, session guitarist and live sound guru Mathew Williams, this created the musical back-bone and foundations of what was to become Innuendo.

After numerous auditions for the vocalist/front man position, Innuendo completed their line up with Freddie and queen enthusiast, James Grey.

There is a wealth of talent within the band, including immaculate guitar solos and excellent vocal harmonies. They are visually entertaining, play sensational music and give a high-energy, non-stop performance that grabs the audience at the outset and keeps them spellbound from the first to the last note

Innuendo authentically create a show that is undoubtedly Queen at their best, playing live. Their set-list blends elements and song versions from Queen’s outstanding “Magic Tour” of 1986, their recent Queen + Paul Rodgers tour, and Queen & Ben Elton’s hit West End musical We Will Rock You!

They do not use prepared backing tracks nor do they simply reel off a set of Queen songs. The audiences are actively encouraged to participate in their shows. All the elements that made Queen what they were live, are here.

Performed with top quality sound and lighting systems, this is a fantastic opportunity to hear Queens chart toppers from the power rock songs to the ballads which kept Queen at the top for the past 40 years.

For Innuendo’s larger shows, the band incorporates video elements, in perfect symmetry with the music. This combined with a lighting rig and perfectly executed music makes this show a must see!

Innuendo - Wales Queen tribute

Innuendo – Wales Queen tribute

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