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Pilsen Queen Tribute Band is a music group from the Pilsen area, which is former from musicians who have proved themselves during hundreds of performance in bands of various genres. To pay tribute to Queen, Filip Nováček, Michal Rajtmajer, Roma

Over the 5 years of the group took place Pilsen Queen Tribute Band at 200 concerts , not only in Bohemia but also in Austria, Switzerland or Germany, where he regularly performs at prestigious festival ” Giants of Cover” ” The band consists of experienced musicians having gone through hundreds of appearances in bands of different genre. To pay homage to this band , they started in the summer of 2007 to collaborate musically Pavel Vlach, Filip Newbie , Michal Rajtmajer , Roman rock, Petrášek Martin and Radek Vaník a result of their collaboration is a project called Pilsen Queen Tribute Band.
Musical expression of this group can be characterized as accurate music reproduction studio versions of songs by the band Queen , including many distinctive vocals ( sung four members of the group ) . Of course, some of the songs from the original undergone certain changes, such as a newer sound , or are enriched with some inventive features.
The band’s repertoire is a collection of songs that make up almost the entire cross section of the formation of the group Queen . Starting from the album Sheer Heart Attack to Made in Heaven group has a repertoire of at least one song from each album, released Queen . The focus of appearances , however, are popular hits from the album Greatest Hits 1 and 2
Concert highlight for the band was not very successful performances at the Vienna ship Admiral Tegetthoff ,
But above all Klatovský performances in the theater with a big orchestra and choir which came almost 1000 spectators !

It is logical that revival band , although places emphasis on the music side of things , should offer even more compared to its model ; performance may be supplemented by the replicas of original costumes Freddie and others, so characteristic attributes of concert performances of the band Queen
We offer classic ( electric) performance, which may also be accompanied by a five-piece choir through acoustic songs , cartoons Queen to the concert with full orchestra

Pilsen Queen Tribute

Pilsen Queen Tribute

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