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White Queen was born on 10th July 2003 in a club called “Don Piccio” in Campomarino of Maruggio (Italy). The members of the band are all from Manduria, a small Italian town better known as “Terra del Primitivo”. The name of the band comes from a 1974 Queen track.

White Queen performances are a crescendo of music, cabaret, theatre, striptease and quick-change acting. A unique experience in Italy given by the accuracy with which the members of the band emulate their idols. The great presence of the front man, his quick changing of eccentric costumes and his provocative movements on the stage are framed by an impressive resemblance with Freddie Mercury and the amazing way “Bryan May”, “Roger Taylor”, “John Deacon” and the fifth member “Spike Edney” (support keybord player) act and behave on the stage…

On the stage White Queen revives the best Queen video clips such as “I WANT TO BREAK FREE”, in which the cross-dressing of the members of the band is absolutely hilarius and making the show even more outrageous…

White Queen’s mission is to hand down the music of “QUEEN” to next generations and keep the memory of Freddie Mercury – anunrivalled showman, a powerful voice, the last immortal – alive.

White Queen - European Tribute Band

White Queen – European Tribute Band

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